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Video Map Overlay

So let’s assume we have a dashcam video like this. It would be nice to have a moving mini-map in a corner, that would show map (or a satellite view) of a current location, maybe along with a speed.

Possible overlay configuration options:

The result would possibly be a series of frames, which can be then overlaid onto the original video with ffmpeg.

This all could be done in a script, no point in creating a GUI. Or maybe a simple GUI for configuring an overlay, but without a video.

Georeferencing frame is a harder task. A single GPX trace should be prepared. But timestamps mean nothing. Maybe use a player that shows frame numbers, and correlate some of these with points in a trace. If the trace has no timestamps, this also would be used to reference it. The result might be just a plain text file.

Said correlation file can be then used for dashcamref.

Also we can add waypoints. Either static (from waypoints in GPX I guess), or moving (separate GPX).