Ilya Zverev's OpenStreetMap Ideas Box

Tags Cheat Sheet

In the first year of learning OpenStreetMap users are keeping Map Features open at all times. It is too big and complex, a number of cheat sheets would be handier.

Route Editing Plugin for JOSM

The current relation editing is too generic, and there should be a plugin specifically for editing public transport relations.

Changeset Rollback Web-Interface

At the moment you can undo a changeset using either a JOSM plugin or a perl script. Undoing changes should be easier, like in Wikipedia: click, wait, make some simple decisions, done.

Possessive Mappers' Plugin for JOSM

We have tools for monitoring areas and users, but some mappers would like to watch certain objects, like relations, to quickly fix accidental edits to them.

Changeset Feedback

The only way you can ask a user of a changeset now is to write them a private message. It enforces negativity in the community and prevents introverts from communicating. Let's add a thank you button and comments.

A minute of OpenStreetMap

Daily video feature about OSM news.

Automated user-friendly extracts

A set of scripts to make nested extracts in pbf, shp and other formats. All configurable from web interface: install on a droplet, upload config, run.

Imagery Central

A proxy web service to query imagery providers for detailed imagery and cache the results.

Dashcam Referencer

A stand-alone application for extracting frames from a dashcam video and georeferencing them based on a GPX trace.

Video Map Overlay

Video + GPX trace = mini-map in a corner.

Proper Walking Papers

Modern walking papers producing services are old and unreliable. We should have a net-independent, MapCSS-based vector printing solution.

GeoTIFF Processor

A web interface for automatic processing of GeoTIFF and Landsat images and making a single tile layer out of them.

Legend Generator

A website to plan a cycling marathon route and to generate turn instructions sheet and a GPX trace out of it.

Public Transport Editor

A web editor for public transport routes: stops, platforms, and potentially highway or railway routes.